Specialty Fasteners

Explore our extensive selection of specialty fasteners for interior construction, designed to meet every project's unique requirements. From drop ceiling clips and fasteners that ensure a secure and level installation, to powder-actuated fasteners for attaching materials to concrete and steel. Discover our high-quality pull rivets for reliable joint connections in metal framing, and specialized fasteners for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) that provide superior holding power while preventing thermal bridging.

Dive into our collection of concrete screw anchors, engineered for anchoring in concrete, brick, and block. Don't miss our resilient mounting solutions for reducing vibration and noise transmission in walls and ceilings.

On interior construction projects, our specialty fasteners offer the reliability and performance you need. With options for drop ceiling installations, metal framing, concrete anchoring, EIFS applications, and more, find the fastening solutions to complete your projects with confidence and efficiency. Shop now for specialty fasteners that bring strength, durability, and innovation to interior construction.