Drywall Electrical Box (100-Pack)



The ezBoxPRO™ is a tool* that marks the location of electrical boxes on drywall and it also protects electrical boxes & wires — this makes the jobs of electricians, drywallers, insulators and builders easier!

The ezBoxPRO™ Locates:

  • Electrical boxes so they do not need to be marked and they are not covered up.

The ezBoxPRO™ Protects:

  • Wires from being cut or damaged when drywall is cut out.
  • Electrical boxes from being cut or filled with insulation, joint compound, drywall dust or paint.

The ezBoxPRO™ Saves:

  • The time to mark electrical boxes and fix mistakes in drywall cut outs.
  • The cost of locating and fixing covered electrical boxes.
  • The cost of repairing or cleaning wires or electrical boxes.
  • Reduces risk of fire hazards from damaged wires.