48 in. Drywall T-Square - Box of 2



The Drywall T-Square is the most rugged square you can find anywhere.  3/16 in. thick aluminum blades connected by 5 steel rivets and 2 locator pins are almost impossible to knock out of square.

  • Rugged construction including 3/16 in. heat-treated aluminum blades, 5 alloyed steel rivets and 2 steel locator pins
  • Overall blade length is 1/16 in. short of 48 in. to ensure the blade rests on the edge of the 48 in. material and not on the floor.
  • Overall T length is 22 in.
  • The blade is ruled in both directions to make it easy to measure from either end.
  • Bright yellow color is easy to find on the jobsite.
  • This item must ship in a pack of 2 to avoid shipping damage.