White Fiberglass Mesh Self-Adhesive Drywall Joint Tape - 1-7/8 in. x 300 ft.



ToolPro Fiberglass Mesh Tape is used for sealing drywall joints, repairing damaged walls, veneer plastering and stucco applications, or tile backer boarding compound.  The self adhesive property of this mesh tape lets you bypass the bedding process and apply the tape straight to the joint.  The mesh tape is as thin as standard joint tape, but the fiberglass mesh greatly increases joint strength and durability for less cracking and future repairs.

  • White color to blend in with wall during finishing process.
  • Use setting type joint compound for first coat.
  • Self adhesive omits the bedding process of joint.
  • Store above 40° F/ 5°C.
  • Made in USA.