Screwgun Auto-feed Attachment



Auto-Feed Attachment For GTB18V-45 Screwgun – Enables precise driving of rows of screws at top speed for added efficiency

Speed - Allows fast repeatable fastening without having to load one screw at a time by hand

User Comfort – Features an ergonomic design and light weight, for comfortable continuous work

Open Design – Helps prevent debris from getting trapped in the mechanism, allowing for a longer product life

Convenience – Uses widely distributed strips of screws, with lengths of between 1 In. (25 mm) and 2-1/8 In. (55 mm), screw shank diameters up to 0.2 In. (5 mm), and screw head diameters up to 3/8 In. (9.5 mm)

Screw Depth Indicator – Shows how deep the screw is set in the drywall

Thumbwheel – Adjusts how deep the screw is set in the drywall

Screw Length Adjustment Button – Allows user to modify the screwgun for several screw lengths

Work Contact Element – Sets tool against the drywall