Bosch Drywall Sander Kit



Drywall Sander Design – Helps to sand muds and plasters on the ceiling or wall more quick and easy

Ultra-Flexible Head – Reduces the risk of damage to the surface, and it helps enable more effortless movement across surfaces

Ceiling-Suction Mode – Helps reduce the weight of the tool while working overhead, to reduce strain and lessen fatigue

T-Handle Grip – Provides a better and more adaptable grip to help reduce arm strain, especially overhead

Quick-Release Extension Pole – Adapts the length of the sander when switching from ceilings to walls, and subtracting extension removes excess weight

Easy-To-Reach Controls – The power switch, rpm and airflow controls can be adjusted without removing the hand from the grip

Speed Selector – Offers results in different materials and applications

Constant Speed – Provides smooth operation and reliable speed under load

Removable Brush – With quick-release feature that allows sanding right up to corners

Flexible Dust Hose – Provides virtually dust-free sanding