7 in. Tape-Pro Drywall Taping Wipedown Knife with 18 in, Handle



The Tape Pro Plastic Drywall Wipedown Knife easily glides over the the drywall tape, and eliminates the tape pull of similar metal blade knives. The slick plastic wipes perfectly and speeds up the wipedown process of drywall taping. This Tape Pro Drywall Knife has the added advantage of leaving enough compound behind the tape - even when pressing down hard. No blisters, smoother glide, faster work!

The TapePro Wipedown Knife Features:

  • 7 in. flexible, plastic blade glides easily over tape.
  • Always leaves enough compound behind the tape - eliminating blisters.
  • Hollow plastic handle allows you to insert an extension pole for higher reach.
  • Plastic blade = no rust worries!