5/8 in. Corner-Back Drywall Clips (300-Pack)



The Prest-On corner-back 5/8 in. drywall fasteners make wall, corner and ceiling installations and repair easier, faster and safer. Corner-back fasteners are applied to the drywall first and then mounted to the stud, giving you a solid permanent backup and eliminating a stud at almost every corner. Save time, money and material with the Prest-On corner-back.

  • Eliminate un-insulated stud boxes at corners and partition intersections
  • Easily adjust for framing inaccuracies up to the width of the stud
  • Our fasteners are approved for use with steel studs
  • Reduce costly callbacks due to ceiling or partition separation from truss uplift
  • Produce hard-fastenened corners by attaching intersecting wallboard panels to a common stud
  • Made in the USA
  • Fire resistance rated by underwriters laboratories (UL) and warnock hersey tested our fasteners for one and two hour walls and ceilings, our fasteners are the only back-up fasteners approved by model codes for use in residential, commercial and multiple housing construction
  • ICC-ES compliant refer to ICC ESR-1812
  • Shear (structural) value - our fasteners meet the wind and seismic force values noted in 25-I, ICBO, tested under ASTM E72-80 for structural adequacy by national gypsum labs
  • 300 - 5/8 in. corner-back drywall clips per box