4 in. x 14 in. Tungsten Carbide DuraRasp for EIFS Foam



In ten months of testing by professional contractors, paper can’t begin to compare with the dramatic performance of the DuraRasp on EPS foam walls! 12-grit proved to be only marginally better than 16-grit, but still no comparison to the long lasting DuraRasp.

  • Heavy, Brazed 12-Grit, Tungsten-Carbide EIFS Rasp.
  • Designed Especially to Rasp EIFS EPS Foam Walls.
  • Non-Foam Gouging , Rounded Corners.
  • Custom-Crafted and Serial-Numbered.
  • DuraRasp Lasts 100 Times Longer than Rasp Paper.
  • Comfort-Grip Plastic Handles.