Magnetic Hammer - 33 oz. - With Replaceable Magnetic Head



A unique, heavy, professional quality hammer for setting fasteners into hard substrates like concrete, masonry, and softer metals like aluminum or mild steel. All magnets lose their magnetism with repeated blows, and then they are no longer magnetic. Uniquely, this hammer has a replaceable magnet so it can continue to remain magnetized without having to discard the entire hammer. This hammer has been used in metal framing construction for many years.

  • 33 oz. Hammer for single strike fastening
  • 1-Piece all steel forged construction, with a comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Magnetic face of hammer is milled to a smooth, flat surface
  • 13 in. Hammer with 7 in. comfortable non-slip grip
  • Replacement magnetic head available - TP02087