7 in. Premium Smoothing Blade



The TapeTech Premium Wipe Down and Finishing Knife features advanced engineering and the highest grade INOX German stainless steel. TapeTech knives produce the absolute best finish in the industry. The secret is the strong but flexible INOX blade and the precise fulcrum point designed into the hand grip area. This allows the blade to have up to ten times more contact area with the surface, generating a superior finish.

TapeTech Premium Wipe Down Knives leave more compound on the joint or the wall - where it should be. Traditional knives remove much of the compound you just applied! The ergonomic design is comfortable even with extended use and significantly reduces the wrist strain that is common when using traditional finishing knives. TapeTech knives are the perfect complement to Automatic Taping & Finishing tools and a must in order to achieve a true, top quality finish.


  • INOX German stainless steel for the highest level of finish
  • Integrated handle for hand work doubles as a mounting for the optional extension handle
  • Perfect wipe down knife after taping or boxing of seams - achieves a flawless finish
  • Flex action and rounded corners provides 10X more contact with the surface and a superior finish
  • Bio engineered handle is comfortable and establishes a perfect fulcrum point for perfect finishing and smoothing